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If you are a wholesaler or house flipper that spends money on marketing each month,  you owe it to yourself to schedule a call with us to discuss our consulting services.

Most companies have marketing systems that aren't optimized.  Marketing is one of their major expenses but there is an uneasiness every month when they write that check.

We can help you not only get hyper clarity on your marketing performance but also maximize your ROI by 20% or more.

Done For You Marketing Service

If you are a wholesaler or house flipper, then you might want to schedule a call with us to discuss our marketing services.

We take a data driven approach and run marketing campaigns to your ideal customers. This service is completely customizable to your target areas, ARV's, property types.

The goal of these campaigns is to drive prospective sellers to call in directly to your company. We handle everything up until the time the phone rings and your company handles the negotiation and exit strategy.

Training / Courses

$5 Wholesale Deal Finder Course

If you are new to wholesaling or deal finding, this is THE resource you need to get started. Inside this course are the exact techniques you can use to find deals with little to no marketing budget.

Alternatively, if you are someone that is always looking for additional ways to find deals, there is likely some tips or tricks in the course that you didn't know.

For $5, this is the best deal in real estate investing

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

Are you a Real Estate Agent and need more listings?

If the answer is yes and you aren't running Facebook Ads, you are missing a consistent flow of low cost leads that can change your business forever.

Click the button below to learn more.

Target Your Lists With Facebook Ads

If you have lists of potential customers that you market to, you can add this list to your Facebook Ads Account.

This allows you to get in front of your ideal customers while eliminating marketing waste.

This training walks you through the full process of properly adding your lists to your Facebook Ads Account so that they are ready to target with your Ads.


The Ultimate Returned Mail Tool

If you send direct mail in your business, you likely get a lot of returned mail.

The problem with returned mail is that it is hard to process. It typically sits in the corner until you throw it away.

After years of struggling with this problem, we finally came up with a solution to the problem. It's called The Ultimate Returned Mail Tool.

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